Marriage Milestones
My parents fell in love in the Marlborough Sounds and eloped to
Palmerston North - and married in a registry Office.
Majorie Marinka
Wi Hapi Pakau
Love (Stirton),
Love III
My early life was probably idealic. Dad had a good Government job In
picture 1995
onboard the Ellinis
the Forestry Dept in Palmerston North, while the world was in a
depression - “The Great Depression” of the 1930’s” .
During my very early childhood say 4.years old to 10 years old, of what little I
can recall of this early part of my life – we lived in Lower Hutt -14.Rodney
Street- Waiwhetu and I went to Waiwhetu Primary School, close to our house.
Dad was in the Air Force, as an aerial photographer ’ because it was the
time of the Second World War .
Air Force & Army people -used to come to the house, because I remember
the camouflaged cars with their funny paint - and especially the Americans,
who brought lollies (mostly chocolates), which you could not buy in the shops,
in those days.
I remember my grandparents ( mothers parents) , coming to
stay, because soon after that visit, grandma Pauline Flower
Gembitski (Stirton) (see her wedding picture) (daughter of the
Count Ferdinand & the Countess Gembitski) -( see picture) - died
in Westport - and my mother became very upset.
Pauline Flower
Gembitski, my
Count Ferdinand and the Countess
Gembitski, my great grandparents
My mother ’s sister ‘ Aunty Marie ’ (married an R.A.F. Wing
Commander John Stewart Dick had a son ‘Johnny’ -(a rock
drummer )-(see pictures) – Mum & Aunty were great classical piano
players.(the Polish influence from their mother) Mother also
played modern dance music back in those days.
Uncle John and Aunty
There were two son’s also Uncle Bill & Uncle Don.Stirton.
Marie Dick
Grandma Stirton used to play, at the Westport Picture Theatre , providing a musical background for
the ‘Silent Pictures’ .
However, apparently not to be outdone – ( I Googled his name yesterday ) James Schubert (Pop)
Stirton ,-(see picture) your great grandfather - created a ‘record’ at the ‘Theatre Royal’ , in New
Plymouth in 1910- by playing the piano for 74- hours & 12.minutes, non-stop
The Stirton family had their ow n Theatre Company, touring ‘pantomime Theatre around the South
Dad had to borrow money from his parents, Ripeka ( Daughter of Robert & Anihaka Park)-(see pictures) &
Wi Hapi Love (grandson of the Hon Wi Tako Ngatata) (see picture) -to secure the Stirton family
piano -and bring it up from the South Island , after her mother died.
Your Great Grandad ‘Pop’ Stirton was also a qualified
‘Veterinarian’ - and ‘Editor’ of the local Westport
Newspaper. He later shifted the family to Petone where
they opened a Music Store on Jackson Street (the
building is still there) – in Petone
Your grandmother ‘Majorie Marinka’ (see picture)
established a ‘dance - band’ (playing the piano of
James Schubert Stirton
course) which played at the Petone Rowing Club Club
Rooms on the Beach (the building is still there today).
Majorie Marinka Love
Robert Park my
brother of
Hon. Wi Tako Ngatata my g/g/
Honiana TePuni my
Mungo Park
g/g/g grandfather
1946 -1953
After World War II -our family shifted to New Plymouth in Taranaki, where Dad was appointed to
run a ‘Mobile X -Ray Unit - surveying Maoris for Tuberculosis (T.B).
This put me into Standard 5 & 6 at the ; Prep School -( Boarding @ ‘Niger’ House) at New
Plymouth Boys High School ’ – then on to ‘Board’ for the 3 rd & 4 th Forms @ ‘Moyes’ House
N.P.B.H.S ,- Taranaki - as the family shifted back to Miramar- in Wellington.
Michael & I finished school (me in the 5 th & 6 th Form) @ Scots College; I graduated with
endorsed School Certificate.i n today’s terms – (equivalent to University Entrance.)
Ripeka and Wi Hapi, my
Grandma ‘ Ripeka ’ in
grandparents at Govt House
her wedding dress
receiving their O.B.E
Formal picture, Peter and
Michael day 1 at Sco t’s
Michael and I stayed with Grandma & Grandad (Wi Hapi &
Ripeka) (see
picture) at ‘Taumata’ (see picture ) - and for a brief period at Aunty Lil & Uncle George Te Waari’s
house in Petone -for our final year at Scots, because mother, couldn’t look after us, at our house,
so she went to live in a Hotel in the Wairarapa, while Dad took the position, with the South Pacific
Commission ’ based in Noumea-New Caledonia, surveying all Pacific Island ’s populations ’ in –
Fiji / Tonga/ Samoa / Cook Islands / & Tahiti for T.B - in a repeat exercise ’, to the one that he did
in Taranaki.
1953 -1957
Left Scots College in 1953 & joined the Union Steam Ship Company ,(the major
shipping line in New Zealand) with 56 ships in the fleet – a subsidiary of the great
P & O Line-UK.
Dad & I walked around Wellington knocking on the doors, of various large
companies, asking for a job for me. I got four offers to start as the Office Boy
and Dad said, ‘ which one ’ , and I said, the Union Steam Ship Company with all its
In tropical kit on the
ships.(These job options now unavailable in 2013 Aotearoa
It must have been
m.v. ‘Tofua’
the old Captain John Agar Love coming out – I just cou ldn’t resist the offer.
S.S Tamahine – Length 262.ft 1,989.tons
T.E.V Rangatira - Length 419.ft 6,100.tons
T.E.V Maori – Length 425.ft 8,300.tons
T.E.V Hinemoa - Length 419.ft 6,900.tons
S.S Tofua – Length 250.ft 4,300.tons
T.S.S Monowai – Length 519.ft 10,602.tons
I resigned after seven years of travel at sea around the Pacific, on the m.v. Tofua/ the s,s,Monowai /
s.s.Tamahine / t.e.v.Maori & Rangitira & Hinemoa as a Deck
Officer- Purser I resigned to come ‘ashore’ , to marry Rosemary in July 1957 because marriages
don’t last when seamen stay at sea leaving their wives at home. I joined Ford Motor Co ’s – @
Seaview -Lower Hutt.
November – Rosemary & I
Married at Old St Pauls
Cathedral-Wellington -and her
father flew out to N.Z. for the
Wedding on one of the 1 st
Boeing 707 flights to the
Rosemary’sparents.Haseltherl ey
Pacific . We bought our romantic
(Jenks) Jenkins and Elsie Mary Dawes
1 st House in Mahina Bay ,(an
archite ct’s hide -a-way – see
picture) next to Days Bay, &
moved in.
Our romantic first home in
Mahina Bay
1960 - Edwina Louise Te Amo Born 25 th July 1960
Some years
later we
  • erialpictureofPeter’sgrandmother’shouse
  • Ripeka’s
    Harriette Louise Jenkins
    Rosemary’sgrandmother’s home 2 Amyand
    home) from
    (nee Woodbourne)
    Park Gardens, Twickenham U.K
    Uncle Ralph.
    1963 - I started a career in Insurance with
    State Insurance ‘special’ paid leave , from
    the ‘Public Service’, was available to all Public
    Servants, standing for Parliament. I was
    afterwards selected to be the National Party
    Candidate for the Petone electorate 1963
    campaign and also stood in the same year and
    was elected as a Petone Borough councillor.
    Petone was a ‘Labour’ Party stronghold – held
    Love family reunion at Waikawa Bay
    Peter sitting next to the Mayor with
    by Labour Cabinet Minister Mick Moohan. Of course I
    Marlborough Sounds
    the rest of the elected Petone
    lost the election, but secured important ‘ influences ’
    Borough Councellers.
    through this exercise. Rosemary played a vital role – entertaining large numbers of
    people at the big house (Taumata). Numerous cocktail parties, and ‘public’ & ‘private house’ meetings as the
    ‘ w how’ - ‘fashionable’ wife of the candidate - and so on.
    Sarah Mary Ripeka – born 9 th April 1963
    1965 – As a kind of release, from the rigors of the
    R.M.S Ellinis
    1963 Parliamentary & Council Campaign contests, we
    decided to set sail for England, to see Rosemary’s family ,
    boarding the r.m.s. Ellinis ( see pictures)with Edwina &
    Sarah in March of this year, for London - via the Panama
    Jack Marshall, the deputy Prime Minister, arranged an
    ‘Insurance Inspectors ’ job for me at N.Z.Insurance’s
    London office, in Threadneddle Street, near the ‘Tower of
    London ’ -
    So we took off, also with intro’s from Prime Minister.
    Keith Holyoake, returning home after one year on the
    Angelina Lauro - via The Suez Canal.
    Edwina in our state room
    Edwina and Sarah in the
    on board the ’ Ellinis ’
    1965 -1966 – We had a
    wonderful 12.months in London
    –living alongside Rosemary’s
    father, Harry Atherley
    Jenkins(Jenks) and his mother
    Harriett Louise Jenkins at
    2.Amyand Park Gardens, in
    Heading for U.K. with a little relax
    Twickenham-Surrey.U.K. We
    ashore in Tahiti
    rented a lovely two storied
    house, near their place. and also saw a lot of Myra
    Angelina Lauro
    (daughter of Lt/Col Eruera Love (commander of the 28 th
    Maori Battalion) & The Makea Nui – (Queen of Rarotonga), who lived in London, with her husband
    George Cutts, a sculptor and their 3 children - sons ‘Shane’/ ‘Seth’ - & daughter ’Thea’.
    ‘ Taputapuatea ’ , The Palace at
    The princess Inanui Rio and
    Mokoroa Love with the Gov-Gen
    Lord Freyberg at a garden party
    Eruera TeWhiti Love,
    at “ Taputapuatea ”
    1 Maori
    ‘ Taku ’ - The Makea Nui,
    Commander of the
    Queen of Rarotonga
    28 Maori Battalion
    Virginia Marinka Raumahora – born 4 th July 1966
    ( Rosemary was pregnant when we left England to hurry home to have our child in New Zealand)
    1966 -
    I had many occupations after our return from the
    U.K, which required Rosemary to assist me with
    entertaining, at ‘ public ’ & ‘ business ’ meetings –
    working for ‘ Mitsui & Co ’ in Wellington (see picture)
    / ’ Securitibank ’ in Auckland (see picture Charles &
    Diana-Auck Govt House)
    as Public Relations Officer of the Bay of Plenty - at
    Whakatane - & ‘Secretary’ of their A & P Show
    Association (see A & P show-horse picture), where she
    Rosemary with her horses at Pine
    Rosemary presenting Horse
    made a great contribution to our life together, in the
    Valley Road, SIlverdale
    of the year at the
    public limelight.
    Whakatane Spring show
    After shifting to Auckland I was
    called to Wellington from Dargaville
    by Ngatata – to assist with our Iwi
    Waitangi Treaty Claim settlements
    (see Tennis Club picture), and have
    remained in Wellington since.
    Elected - Managing/Trustee of the
    Port Nicholson Block Claim Trust &
    Elected – Managing Trustee of the Wellington Tenths Trust-
    handling the property business of the Trusts -& various V.I.P.
    public events) (see pictures- HRH)
    The ‘ 14 -Dalai Lama ’ of Tibet 27 -
    31 May-2002 visit (see picture)- Toured
    N.Z. with His Holiness by air, to
    Wellington/Nelson & Auckland - on
    stage @ major public meetings
    (crowds of 20,000 plus people) &
    smaller Buddhist teachings. (see
    picture @ Pipitea Marae)
    Pipitea Marae
    The magnificent Waitara High School Kapa
    Haka culture group brought down from
    With His Holiness The 14 Dali Lama
    Taranaki to welcome His Holiness at Pipitea
    Matiu- Our newly acquired island in the
    sun in Wellington Harbour
    Greeting HRH at government house
    Wellington on behalf of TeAtawa Iwi
    Rosemary and I at government house Auckland for the first visit of Diana and Prince Charles.
    Recovery & ‘Return of the Unknown Warrior’ from France. (RNZAF return flight N.Z to Paris)-Nov 2004
    (see pictures)
    Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing transport from New Zealand to
    France and return with The Unknown Warrior
    Operation "Valhalla" Flight NGB913 to France 1st to 10th November
    Return of the “ Unkown Warrior ”
    Journey from Whenuapai Air Base to Darwin (Australia) then Penang
    (Malaysia) then Bahrain then Lille Air Force Base (France) then Paris then
    Return to Wellington NZ
    Powhiri at the War memorial cemetery in France.
    Rosemary and I greeting Tiger Woods and his mother at airport
    Some random pictures worth viewing
    his arrival in the Cook Islands
    Early picture of Grandad & Grandma with their family. Wi
    Hapi and RipekaLove’sfamily
    Rosemary on horseback in the driveway of
    Rosemary at the Rarotonga Airport
    our Ohope beach house.
    Rare pictures of mother at Taumata taken by dad with great difficulty.
    Dad trying out his new auto picture taker camera
    Mum and us out in the country
    Granddad James Schubert
    2000 to 2013
    Me hamming it up for the Dom post at Wellingtons oldest tennis club after
    we declared we wanted the land back on which it was established.
    The Waka Te Matau a Maui alongside our
    wharewhaka celebrating Matariki 2013.
    front of the wharewhaka